Formula 710

Formula 710

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Formula 710 is a cleaning solution specifically designed for smoking accessories.

Purpose: Cleans glass, metal, and ceramic pieces used for concentrates like oils and waxes.
Advanced Cleaner: Non-abrasive, no-scrub action for regular maintenance.
Instant Cleaner: Uses AbrasivAction™ technology for immediate cleaning.
Wipes: Convenient for quick, on-the-go cleaning.

How to Use:
Pour: Apply the cleaner to the item or use a wipe.
Shake: If using the liquid cleaner, shake well to cover all areas.
Wait: Let it sit for a short time to break down residue.
Rinse: Wash thoroughly with water.
Dry: Allow to air dry before next use.

Formula 710 is effective, easy to use, and safe for the environment, making it a popular choice for concentrate enthusiasts